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Presentation 2: Creating Wellness in the World by Optimizing the Way We Raise Our Children

What we do to children, they will do to society. - Karl Menninger, MD


Learn why the way a society treats its children may be the most important predictor of person's state of health and the planet's wellbeing? What if ineffective parenting practices are the root cause of the learning difficulties, depression, addiction, chronic illness, aggression, and violence, seen in many children today, which in turns leads to the economic/time stress of our hurried generation, endless wars, and the widespread abuse of the environment? A growing body of evidence now documents that the quality of people's earliest experiences has a major impact on their entire life. If this is true, it is essential that society give higher priority to meeting the physical, social, and emotional needs of children.

Dr Travis describes how broadening his focus from adult wellness to infant wellness resulting in his convening an international group experts in many different disciplines who then developed the Proclamation for Transforming the Lives of Children. This group became the Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children and subsequently created the Blueprint of Principles and Actions to provide parents and caregivers with evidence-based principles of optimal human development.

Unless we all join in creating an actively caring community of parents, grandparents, neighbors, employers, and policy-makers, children will not attain the wellness necessary to effective future stewards of our world.


As a result of this presentation participants will be able to:

  • Understand the plight of children and the challenges of parenting in contemporary society;
  • Identify the biological imperatives for optimal human development and key developmental needs of children;
  • Describe six principles of effective childcare and how to access a library of evidenced-based best parenting practices;
  • Advocate the value of parent mentoring and family-friendly workplace environments.


I. The state of wellbeing among children and families.
  • All major indicators reveal that children are in crisis (child suicide has doubled in one generation).
  • A growing body of evidence reveals the essentials for optimal development.
II. The connection between individual wellness and a society's health.
  • Children are our future - what if it were really true?
  • How depression, addiction, chronic illness, aggression, and violence, lead to war, economic stress, and destruction of the environment.
III. A vision of what�s possible.

A world where:

  • every child is wanted, welcomed, loved, and valued;
  • every family is prepared for and supported in practicing the art and science of nurturing children;
  • adults respect children and honor childhood.
IV. Practical solutions
  • Proclamation for Transforming the Lives of Children
  • Blueprint of Principles and Actions
  • Parenting education, mentoring, coaching, and support
V. Questions, comments, and small group exercises



The Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children (
Blueprint of Principles and Actions (
Pam Leo, Connection Parenting, (Wyatt-MacKenzie, 2005)

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