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John W. Travis, M.D. & Regina Sara Ryan
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How Energy Affects Health

If behind all physical matter is energy, we need to look at our bodies not as stable, fixed physical objects but as energy processing units. According to the Wellness Energy System, health is the natural condition of the body as long as our energy is free to move to maintain a condition of harmony and balance. Disease is a result of an obstruction or imbalance from the natural occurring free flow of energy through the body. The Wellness Energy System shows how we receive energy in the form of breathing, eating and sensing stimuli, and transform it into the energies of moving, feeling, thinking, playing and working, communicating, sex, finding meaning, and transcending. The Wellness Energy System is designed to help us shift our focus from each of these energies as operating independently of each other, and disease something that simply happens to us, to one of our health as a reflection of the connections and balance we make between these diverse sources of energy.

With the Wellness Energy System, instead of cataloguing and describing diseases based on their similarities and differences, we learn how to prevent them by accepting responsibility and learning to manage our energy in more balanced and harmonious ways. We re-cognize ourselves as energy bodies in constant interaction with our environment, constantly building and rebuilding our bodies through our thoughts and actions. An imbalance or obstruction to the free flow of any of our energies persisting over a period of time, if ignored, will eventually manifest in the form of some physical symptom in its attempt to get our attention.

Such premises require an awareness that we are more than our physical bodies, that our thoughts and feelings are energies that may manifest on the physical level. This is not to say "it's all in the mind." We cannot develop a consciousness of health unless there is some relationship of thought to action. If we attempt to reprogram our mind toward our ideals, but consistently act otherwise, we cancel out our intentions. (continues)

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