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Breathing For Healing

Part 1

Sit in a comfortable position (but not slouching), with arms and legs uncrossed. Surrender the weight of your body, allowing the chair or floor to support you.

Softly close your eyes.

Bring your attention to your nose and imagine what air looks like as it enters here. Follow its path down into your lungs, observe it swirling around, and see it moving back up and out. As it leaves, tell yourself that it is carrying away tension, pain, and disease.

Do this for one or two minutes.

Part 2

Bring awareness to the center of your belly. Imagine a tiny opening here through which you are breathing.

Visualize the oxygen coming in, swirling around in the abdomen, lower back, anal and genital regions, and then flowing out.

Tell yourself that it carries away tension and pain as it leaves.

Continue breathing from here for another one or two minutes.

Part 3

Now focus at a point in the center of your chest, close to your heart. Visualize a tiny door opening here.

As you inhale, draw air into your chest and upper body, into your heart as well.

Watch it swirling around, and carrying away tension as it departs.

Do this for one or two minutes.

Part 4

The point of breathing now moves to the center of your forehead.

Breathe from here, releasing tightness in all the muscles of your face and clearing out the cobwebs in your brain. Again, continue for one or two minutes.

Part 5

Repeat this process in other areas, especially those that are diseased or in pain.

Breathe from the palms of your hands, the tips of your big toes, the undersides of your knees, the base of your spine, and so on.

Part 6

Now breathe with every cell of your body.

To conclude:

Complete your directed imagery. Breathe naturally. Begin to stretch. Slowly open your eyes. Notice the sensations in your body and any changes in your breath.

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