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Electromagnetic and Nuclear Radiation

Besides visible light, we live in a sea of other electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). At one end of the spectrum, we experience the extremely low frequencies generated by interactions of the earth's atmosphere with the 1,000 or so lightning storms going on at any given moment worldwide (Schumann resonance). In the middle of the spectrum, we are affected by the light from the sun and by the solar wind" of other frequencies of radiation. And at the other end of the spectrum, we are bombarded with high-energy cosmic rays coming to us from deep space. Besides these natural sources of radiation, we have tremendously increased our levels of EMF exposure with our increasing demands for new forms of technology. A wide range of electromagnetic frequencies are now being artificially generated through the transmission of power and used for long-distance communication (radio, TV, cell phones, and the like).

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. - Martin Luther King, Jr.

While most of us can't consciously sense these forms of radiation, individual cells in our bodies may be harmed by them - another form of sensing. Controversy over the effect on humans of nearby power lines and transformers has been raging since the 1970s, with no resolution in sight. Radiation from computer processors and video displays is another common source of constant exposure for people who work with them. Cell or mobile phones emit far more radiation than the cordless phones commonly found in homes. For years, cell phones have been suspected of causing cellular damage, especially when held close to your head for long periods. But the little research that has been done on this issue has failed to make a significant difference in getting people to change their habits. We recommend keeping the phone as far from the body as possible (not in your pocket or on a belt) and using a headset with a graphite ring to suppress the cord from acting like an antenna and carrying EMFs to your head.

While people have always been exposed to some nuclear radiation from the natural environment, an increase in exposure due to technology is a growing concern. The residues from nuclear testing, the buildup of nuclear wastes, and nuclear accidents, along with land-contaminating practices associated with weapons development and recent wars, are all stressing your body's already overtaxed resistance. Our health and the health of future generations may depend upon greater awareness and some serious political action in this domain. The smaller the dose of human-made radiations we are exposed to, the healthier we are likely to be.

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