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Darwin, Sheldrake, and Bell's Theorem

So long as we have this worldview in which the earth itself is just stuff, empty material, and the individual is most important, then we're set up to just use it in any way we like. So the idea is to move from thinking of the earth as a storehouse to seeing the earth as our matrix, our fundamental community . . . Darwin shows us that everything is kin. Talk about spiritual insight! Everything is kin at the level of genetic relatedness. Another simple way of saying this is: Let's build a civilization that is based upon the reality of our relationships. If we think of the human as being the top of this huge pyramid, then everything beneath us is of no value, and we can use it however we want. In the past, it wasn't noticed so much because our influence was smaller. But now, we've become a planetary power. And suddenly the defects of that attitude are made present to us through the consequences of our actions. . . . [N]ow, it is the decisions of humans that are going to determine the way this planet functions and looks for hundreds of millions of years in the future." —Brian Swimme*

If Bell's theorem is correct - and most experiments do bear it out - it helps to explain many previously questioned psychic occurrences. It doesn't seem logical that a parent would "hear" his or her child crying when the child is 500 miles away; or that I could know what your home looks like when I have never been there or talked to you about it; or that Jim would develop a boil on his knee on the same day that his dad injured his knee on the job; or that a person who is prayed for, even unknowingly, would heal faster and require less pain medication than one who isn't.

However, if, despite their distance or lack of apparent logical relationship, event A is connected to event B at the subatomic level, is it too difficult to make the leap in saying that ESP, psychokinesis, distant viewing, psychic healing, and "miracles" are merely everyday manifestations of an underlying connectedness? The skeptics among us may dismiss these happenings as mere coincidence. For others, these are meaningful indications that everything is somehow related.

A leaf of grass is no less than the journeywork of the stars. —Walt Whitman

* What Is Enlightenment?

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