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Wellness Wheel Example 1: Paul

Here are some hypothetical examples of people who have taken the Wellness Index (either in the book or the online version) and how they might use the Wellness Energy System as a guide to creating more vibrant health and energy in their own lives. (Before reading the examples, you may wish to take a quick look at the Wellness Index to get a feel for the statements to which the people responded.) Since the Wellness Wheel is designed for self-interpretation, each example expresses the person's first impressions, followed by more in-depth considerations about what needs attention or change. This Index and the Wellness Wheel that accompanies it offer another way in which we may take responsibility for our lives.

Example 1: Paul

Paul's impressions: My job is a sedentary one, and I'm not much inclined to exercise. I expected low scores all around, but I'd really like to improve my overall health. I'm just not sure where to start. I'm about thirty pounds overweight now, and generally don't feel confident in myself.

"Since I was a kid I have always been the fat guy, and I hate it. No matter how much I eat, I never feel really satisfied. But I also feel guilty when I eat because I hate being so fat. I don't have many friends, and don't think I'll ever find a woman who would want to be with me."

Paul's commitments: "I think my first priority needs to be something other than a diet, since I've failed so many times before in this department. While I'm not excited about exercising, I've never really worked with a trainer or given myself the opportunity to join a gym. Lots of my friends at work are doing that now, so this would be a good way to interact with more people.

"The one part I feel sad about is the Playing and Working score. I don't give myself a lot of options for play. I think I miss chances to enjoy myself because I'm self-conscious, and because I've defined playing in such a limited way. I really like to play chess and bridge, but I haven't made efforts to do that for years. I think it is time to start."

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